Meet our Queen Baker Sadie Reid From Hip and Healthy - Pure Free From

Meet our Queen Baker Sadie Reid From Hip and Healthy

With over 1,000 wonderful #bakedairyfree submissions and with just a few hours left before we announce the shortlisted, we think it’s time you get to know the judges. Pay close attention – they may just be picking you as our #bakedairyfree winner of £1000 worth of baking kit!

First up; healthy hero Sadie from the online magazine and shop Hip and Healthy.

BDF: Hi Sadie, can you tell us where you are based and where you like to do most of your baking?

Sadie: At home I am based in Southfields. Our kitchen is fairly small so baking is always a challenge but when we moved in I was so excited to invest in a new oven from Miele, which is great for baking. I wish I could use it more but juggling a business with a family means that my baking days are limited!

BDF: How many times a week are you dairy-free and why?

Sadie: I am ALWAYS dairy-free. I was lactose intolerant when I was born and, although dairy was introduced into my diet in my early teenage years, I have always struggled with it. It wasn’t until I went to university that it started to affect me on a daily basis and my mum suggested I cut it out completely. The moment I did I started to feel better, but not just my digestion improved, my skin got its glow back, I began to sleep properly again and I had much more energy. It was my healthiest decision yet.

BDF: How did you get involved in eating clean and becoming a health-food advocate?

Sadie: After I felt such an improvement in myself once I had cut out dairy, I became passionate about inspiring others to find their best versions of themselves too. My family were already a pretty clean-eating bunch, which definitely helped me in my own transition and the more I investigated and the more the market for healthy eating grew the easier it became to do. Now you can go to pretty much any restaurant and order a green juice.

BDF: What made you want start Hip and Healthy?

Sadie: After I became really passionate about living healthily and enjoyed everything to do with everything that went with it (I became a keen runner, loved exploring new fitness classes and researching the latest health food crazes) I was keen to weave this into my career. At the time I was working for Conde Nast but it was a when I was granted a 6 month sabbatical to live in Hong Kong with my husband that the opportunity to explore this became a reality. Whilst freelance writing out in HK I began researching health and fitness titles that I was hoping to work for and I realised that very few of them were online and none of the ones that were online where lovely to look at and delivered a luxury product to the reader – that’s when I thought that I could fill that gap in the market. It was very soon after Hip & Healthy first launched as an online wellbeing magazine that we then set wheels in motion to get the digital activewear set up.

Photo taken from Hip and Healthy

BDF: What would you say is the biggest myth in healthy cooking and baking?

Sadie: That they need to use dairy to be moist! I honestly find it amazing that so many people feel the need to add in a dollop of butter as big as my head to their cakes, muffins or brownies. There are so many ways to add moisture – oils like coconut or olive oil are great, Pure is of course great, and so are vegetables at adding moisture.

BDF: What’s your all time favourite dairy free bake?

Sadie: Probably my mum’s blueberry muffin recipe! Its delish and so good for you with the added bonus of it being jam-packed with blueberries!

BDF: What’s your favourite classic cake and have you made a free-from version?

Sadie: Free-from versions are the only versions I know… Sassy’s strawberry cake is pretty sensational and made with cashew cream strawberry topping. YUM!

BDF: If you were a Queen Baker for GBBO, who would have you chosen and what was your favourite bake from the show?

Sadie: I really think Nadiya was a worthy winner. Her bakes were incredible – and her ornate wedding cake looked divine. But it was her can-do attitude that really won me over – when she won she said “ I will never doubt myself again, I can do amazing things and I can and I will”… I loved that baking empowered her so much!

Photo taken from Hip and Healthy

BDF: If you could ask people to make one small change to live a healthier lifestyle, what would that be?

Sadie: Exercise more. (and then… Cut out refined sugar and cut down on dairy!)

Thanks Sadie! We’re looking forward to you and Sassy’s #bakedairyfree Grand Prize Winner announcement on Friday!

Make sure to keep an eye out for Sadie on Twitter and Instagram – they may be choosing you as the lucky winner!